Digital Design

We create world-class digital experiences that are useful, easy to use and visually stunning. Even better: services that end users need, buy and recommend.

Customer-centric process

Fast, iterative and in collaboration with end users.

In a rapid, iterative design process, we create prototypes that we refine together with end users. We test, measure and optimize each solution to ensure a customer experience that strengthens the brand, increases sales and builds loyalty.

Case studies


Multi-channel design

We have helped Coop create a digital interface that supports customers before, during and after a store visit. Furthermore, we have created services that allow for Coop’s 3.5 million members to participate in the overall development of the organization. is the company’s key display window and sales channel. We studied customer needs and analyzed trip booking behavior, then re-designed the entire service to optimize and facilitate the process.

Marginalen Bank

Digital identity

We designed the entire digital customer experience for Marginalen Bank – everything from structuring and packaging its products to developing a completely responsive banking service. We have also created Marginalen Bank’s digital identity.