Digitalization and rapid shifts in customer expectations are disrupting many industries. With this accelerating change, it’s crucial to apply innovative strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition.

We are experts on digital transformation and innovation. With extensive experience from working with clients in such diverse fields as the travel, media, retail, banking and insurance sectors, we know how challenging it can be for companies to make the right decisions in order to secure a successful digital customer experience. We also know how critical it is to merge the physical aspect of the business with the digital component. We build tomorrow’s best, most functional and profitable digital user experiences today by listening to and understanding both our clients and their customers.

Case studies


Digital strategy

How should Systembolaget apply digital services to best support customers before, during and after a sale? And what changes should be made behind the counter to ensure that Systembolaget always deliver the best possible customer experience? We found out through in-depth strategic customer insights and iterative prototyping.

How do customers actually pick and choose their holiday vacations? Who makes the final decision? And, after finding out, how should we best package holiday destinations and hotels so that customers choose them? This was the starting point for a major strategy project on behalf of TUI Nordic, in which we detailed their customers’ purchasing and decision-making processes.


Customer experience strategy

To raise loyalty and encourage more people to choose Preem, Sweden’s largest fuel company, we explored the company’s potential to enhance the customer experience. We conducted extensive interviews with both customers and staff working at Preem gas stations. Besides identifying target profiles for a number of digital services, our efforts led to insights that are now used throughout the organization.

Customer-centric innovation

When it comes to the strategic process, we focus on the customer. By understanding the customer, we can analyze how well existing solutions meet (or could potentially meet) customer needs – regardless of channel. Our work method is simple but highly effective and includes client collaboration at every step of the way.